Home Health Physical Therapy

PTWebucation.com is pleased to announce the release of our newest three-hour course titled, “Home Health Physical Therapy.”

As a Home Health Physical Therapist, you must be a jack of all trades, master of all. Clinicians need to be adept at screening for exacerbations of medical conditions, prevent falls, ensure optimal home safety, and treat a myriad of neurological, vestibular, cardiopulmonary, and musculoskeletal conditions. This course is for anyone who works in home health or wishes to explore the possibly of working in home health. We will delve into the latest research on preventing falls, discover innovative treatment ideas, and review medical considerations for patients. You will walk away from the course with extra tools in your PT belt and eager to apply the additional information you have learned.

Following completion of this course, the learner will demonstrate:
1.Define homebound status and provide adequate documentation to support homebound status
2.Complete medication reconciliation and understand the importance of its role in patient care
3.Describe contributing factors for incontinence and understand the relevance to practice
4.Describe outcome measures utilized in the home health setting
5.Define components of fall risk in the home health setting and appropriate interventions
6.Know when and what professional to refer to in the home health setting
7.Provide adequate treatment recommendations for diagnoses commonly seen in home health

Meet the Presenter: Kailee Venzin, PT, DPT

Dr. Kailee Venzin graduated from Misericordia University with a Bachelor of Health Science with Honors and Master of Physical Therapy in 2012. She later returned to her alma mater for her Doctorate and graduated in 2014. Her clinical expertise is wide ranging and includes stroke rehabilitation, chronic pain treatment, obstetrics, orthopedics, and injury prevention.
Dr. Venzin has 6 years of clinical experience and significant experience treating Geriatric patients. When treating, she always thinks, “what would I do if this were my Nana or Grandpa?” She enjoys sharing her expertise with other PT’s and the public. She has presented at the World Health Organization’s National Conference in Guyana, South America and runs a blog dedicated to Women’s Health and Wellness, www.indiespiritblog.wordpress.com. She also has a love for research and was the lead Physical Therapist in a pilot study for treatment of Chronic Pain at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
Dr. Venzin has a love for all dogs and has a particular interest in the bond between humans and dogs. She has experienced first hand the healing power of dogs and is training her Aussie-Great Pyrenees mix to do Animal Assisted Therapy.

For more information or to take the course please use this link.