Introduction to Yoga: Incorporating Yoga into your Physical Therapy Practice

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Course Description: 3 Hours (.3 CEUs)

Yoga has become a popular term in Western Medicine, but often there are misconceptions about what yoga really is. In this course, learn the definitions of yoga and mindfulness and how they relate to physical therapy, and learn about the research backing up the use of yoga and mindfulness in clinical practice. As physical therapists, it is important to be aware of alignment in yoga poses and basic poses commonly seen in a yoga practice, as yoga related injuries are often seen in an outpatient orthopedics setting. Aspects of yoga and yoga breathing can also be an effective tool that can be used in the treatment of patients, especially those with chronic illnesses.

This course is not meant to provide the participants with a yoga certification or teacher training, but to relate aspects of yoga into clinical practice as is applicable to physical therapy. This course is not intended for use by any participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.

Course Outline

Course Outline:

Course Outline:
Definition of yoga
Definition of mindfulness
Yoga and mindfulness in relation to physical therapy
Yoga and mindfulness research overview
Yoga philosophy:
The Eight Limbs
Yoga philosophy:
types of yoga breathing
Research on yoga breathing and mindfulness
Yoga breathing in relation to clinical practice
Yoga philosophy:the B and h as Deep core stabilization and relation to yoga
Muscles of deep core stabilization
Types of yoga
Research on yoga
yoga and the sun salutations
Standing postures
Wrap up
CEU Test

Course Objectives:

Following completion of this course, the student will demonstrate knowledge in:

*Learn the definitions of yoga and mindfulness and how they relate to physical therapy
*Relate the principles of yoga and mindfulness to current research
*Learn the basics of yoga philosophy
*Learn the benefits and contraindications for the major types of poses seen in yoga
*Learn some of the most common postures, and how to help patients find better form and alignment in these postures

Presenter: Kailee Karst, PT, DPT, RYT-200

Kailee Karst is a physical therapist, practicing outpatient orthopedics in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kailee graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to graduate school, Kailee completed her yoga teacher training, and continued teaching throughout graduate school. Kailee completed a Yoga for Safe Spinal Health, yoga therapy certification after her first year in PT school, and is passionate about combining all that she learned in school with the healing properties of a safe yoga practice. Kailee enjoys teaching yoga teachers about safe teaching strategies and the anatomy and alignment of yoga poses, and is excited to teach physical therapists how yoga techniques can be used in their clinical practice. Kailee has also seen great results incorporating aspects of yoga and mindfulness into her own physical therapy clinical practice. Feel free to email her at

Target Audience: Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants
Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate
*Handouts available for downloading/printing to all courses.
This course is presented in an online video format with audio lecture for each slide. Approximate length to take the course, including audio lecture, videos and all written material, is 3 hours.

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