Wound Care Essentials For The Physical Therapist

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Course Description: 4 Hours (.4 CEUs)

Chronic wounds affect patients across any care setting. From acute care to inpatient rehab to home care and outpatient; physical therapists are bound to encounter wounds regardless of specialty. The aging population and concomitant rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes contributes to this high prevalence of non-healing wounds. This course is designed to present comprehensive, understandable, entry level to intermediate information regarding the specialty area of integumentary/wound care for physical therapists. Specifically, PT’s with any number of years in the field who do not currently practice wound care will find this course gives a wonderful baseline reference. Physical Therapist Assistants with experience in the workforce will benefit as well. Therapists working in the wound care field can find up-to-date practice recommendations and refreshers on skin anatomy, function, wound healing physiology, differential diagnosis and the history of physical therapists in wound care. Understanding of this content will allow therapists to use problem solving and sound reasoning to add value to the interdisciplinary wound team.

There is a very wide breadth of information on each of these subtopics within the course, for those looking for more advanced levels of content, stay tuned to PTWebucation for Intermediate to Advanced wound topics in the future.

Course Outline

Introduction & Objectives– What is wound Care?
4 Hours
CET Test Review (15 min)
žSkin anatomy and function (20 min)
Layers of skin- epidermis and dermis
Soft tissue functions
Functions of the skin
Impact of wounding
žNormal vs. impaired healing process (10 min)
Healing phases
Types of wound closure- primary vs. secondary
Chronic vs. acute wounds- why wounds don’t heal
Recognizing phase of healing by wound behavior
žPT place on wound care team (5 min)
Modality prescription
Interdisciplinary impact- experts in function, anatomy, problem solving
žThe wound examination (20 min)
Exam and documentation components
Special tests
Key history and lifestyle factors
Clues to differential diagnosis
žDocumentation & wound terminology (30 min)
Wound bed
Wound drainage
Healthy vs necrotic tissue descriptors
Skin descriptors
Signs of infection
Interdisciplinary team
žDifferential diagnosis of most common Wound & Ulcer types (30 min)
Trauma wounds and skin tears
Surgical wound dehiscence
Venous insufficiency
Arterial insufficiency
Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Pressure Ulcers
Other atypical Ulcers
žInterventions (20 min)
Wound bed preparation
Promoting healing
Dressing selections
Infection control
žPT specific modalities- adjunct to standard care (30 min)
Sharp debridement
Negative pressure wound therapy
Pulsed lavage with suction
Interventions specific to wound diagnosis
Trauma wounds and skin tears
Venous insufficiency
Arterial insufficiency
Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Pressure Ulcers
Other atypical Ulcers
Summary and Review (15 Min)
CEU Test (30 Min)

Course Objectives:

Following completion of this course, the learner will demonstrate:
-Understanding of the field of wound care as it relates to skin anatomy and function
-Appreciation for the physical therapist’ role in interdisciplinary wound care
-Knowledge of the examination and documentation suggested for wounds including proper descriptive terminology
-Competence in identifying the most commonly encountered wound diagnoses
-Awareness of basic wound management strategies and the most common adjunct modalities utilized by physical therapists

Presenter: Amy Brogle Pierno, PT, CWS

Amy Brogle Pierno is a physical therapist and certified wound specialist (CWS) with experience across the care continuum. Amy received her undergraduate degree from Merrimack College in 1999 and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT in 2003. She practiced physical therapy and wound care at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, LA from 2003 to 2007; during which time she earned specialty status as a CWS from the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM). Amy credits her mentors in Shreveport with sparking her passion for skin and wound care. After moving to CT in 2007, she practiced outpatient and acute care PT with Greenwich and Stamford Hospitals as well as additional work in skilled nursing facilities. She was the leader in development of an inpatient wound management and prevention program at Stamford Hospital from 2011 to 2013. During her time at Stamford hospital, Amy was a key player of in quality improvement and focus on interdisciplinary care for pressure ulcer prevention and nursing education. Amy authored a wound healing text chapter on the conservative management of arterial ulcers in 2010. A Massachusetts native, she now resides and works in western MA, serving as program director with Healogics (formerly Accelecare Wound Centers) at Baystate Franklin’s Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine Center in Greenfield. She was awarded the honor of Program Director MVP in 2014 for leadership, teamwork, and center excellence. Amy is active with the ABWM serving on the Board of Directors since 2013 and examination committee since 2008. She loves hiking, running, traveling, music, friends and family in time away from work. Amy is passionate about skin and wound care and loves sharing her love for the skin with fellow therapists.

Target Audience: Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants
Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate
*Handouts available for downloading/printing to all PTwebucation.com courses.
This course is presented in an online video format with audio lecture for each slide. Approximate length to take the course, including audio lecture, videos and all written material, is 4 hours.

Take Course $59
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