Primitive Reflex Integration For Concussion

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Course Description: 3 Hours (.3 CEUs)

This course will detail what primitive reflexes (PR) are, their prior use in vision therapy, TBI, and childhood development and how this information is relevant in the treatment of concussions. PR integration (PRI) is a new treatment paradigm and an exciting tool for both acute injuries as well as protracted recovery. Emerging research is demonstrating the need of evaluation and reintegration therapy for disinhibited PRs in individuals with concussions. The majority of research is currently focused on the identification, epidemiology, and return to sport processes for concussions leaving the most important aspect misunderstood – how do we recover fully from concussions? This course on PRI will serve to educate the provider on how to effectively screen for the presence of PRs and how to reintegrate these reflexes to improve patient outcomes. PRI can start as early as 48 hours post-concussion and is a skillset you can begin to use immediately following this course. There is limited risk in the treatment of PR when present and thus, is an excellent entry level skill for any therapist treating concussions.

Course Outline

Course Outline:
Primitive Reflex Integration: A New Treatment Paradigm for Concussive Injuries
3 Hours
Concussion Overview
Definition, epidemiology
Advanced treatment options
Introduction to primitive reflexes
Anatomy and Physiology
Principles of motor control and hierarchy of vertical integration
Role of the frontal lobe
Emotional overflow
Primitive reflex retention vs disinhibition
Prior uses
Inferred research
1st research and future research
Screening – PRST-m
How to perform the screening tool organized by reflex
Principles of reintegration
Exercise progressions
Case Studies (3)
Concluding thoughts, References
HEP Level 1 Review Document
HEP Levels 2 and 3 Review Documents
CEU Test

Course Objectives:

Following completion of this course, the learner will demonstrate:

1) Understand what primitive reflexes are and their role in the concussed population
2) Demonstrate a functional understanding of vertical integration and the impact disruption can cause
3) Complete a screen utilizing the PRST-m
4) Ability to progress PRI exercises efficiently
5) Ability to integrate PRI into daily practice at the completion of this course

Presenter: Lauren Ziaks, PT, DPT, ATC, AIB-VR

Lauren graduated from Northeastern University in 2009 and 2012 with both her Bachelor’s in Athletic Training and Doctorate in Physical Therapy respectively. She started her career working in football with the NCAA and Arena Football League moving to a therapist position with the US Ski and Snowboarding Association after earning her DPT degree. Lauren then moved to outpatient orthopedics where her focus shifted from traditional sports medicine to advanced concussion management. She is currently employed at Wasatch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Park City, UT where she created and directs their state-of-the-art concussion management program. Lauren has advanced training in vision therapy, a certification in vestibular rehabilitation therapy from the American Institute of Balance, and is able to treat orthopedic conditions. Her program is built off of collaborative care with a concussion specialist PA-C and a FCOVD neuro-optometrist. Her clinic sees over 200 patients with concussions per year and this allowed for the development of the new Primitive Reflex Integration protocol for concussions. She is working on publications at this time for both reflexes and the integration of visuo-vestibular therapy. She takes clinical students from Northeastern University and The Ohio State University.

Target Audience: Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants
Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate
*Handouts available for downloading/printing to all courses.
This course is presented in an online video format with audio lecture for each slide. Approximate length to take the course, including audio lecture, videos and all written material, is 3 hours.

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