Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral Pain Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Patellofemoral Pain: From Evidence Based Research to Clinical Relevance

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Course Description: 3 Hours (.3 CEUs)

Patellofemoral pain has been regularly referred to as the “black hole of orthopedics.” Millions of people every year suffer injury, with as many as 80% still reducing activity or avoiding certain activities 5 years after treatment. Over the past several decades, clinical experts and researches have constantly debated over the underlying cause for this “idiopathic” condition and the most effective means to treat this stubborn condition. Over the past few years a great deal of attention and many research studies have aimed at solving this mysterious condition, following an internal summit on patellofemoral conditions held in Belgium in September of 2011. This course is designed to provide clinicians an up to date analysis of how to effectively diagnose and treat patellofemoral pain. The course is instructed through a combination of evidence-based medicine, clinical expertise, and best practice to provide the learner the most tools to effectively treat this patient population.
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Course Outline

Patellofemoral Pain: From Evidence Based Research to Clinical Relevance
3 Hours
Presenter: Keith J. Cronin, DPT, OCS, CSCS
1. Understanding the Patellofemoral Patient
a. Demographics
b. What is and is not patellofemoral pain
c. Idiopathic vs. injury
d. Understanding effect of pain cycles
2. Breaking Down the Pathology of Knee Pain
a. PFP vs. Maltracking vs. Instability
b. Overview of dislocations
c. Anatomy overview
d. Appropriate medical interventions for knee pain
e. Surgical options
3. Evaluating the Knee Joint for Patellofemoral Pain
a. Subjective reports / history
b. Differential diagnosis
c. PFP orthopedic tests
4. Reading into the Research
a. Tape / Orthotics
b. Joint forces with step ups
c. Neurodynamics
d. Quadriceps electromechanical delay (EMD)
e. Hip strengthening
f. Core stability
g. VMO activation
h. Hamstring stretching
5. Treating Patellofemoral Pain
a. Overview of effective treatments
b. Importance of pain
c. 2 week treatment synopsis
d. Assessing when further medical care is needed

Course Objectives:

  • Overview of patellofemoral conditions / patients
  • Differentiation of causes of knee pain
  • Understanding of medical evaluation and surgical procedures
  • Evaluation of patellofemoral injuries and dysfunctions
  • Overview of current research
  • Effective treatment strategies

Presenter: Keith J. Cronin, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Keith J. Cronin is a physical therapist in the St. Louis, MO area. Keith graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Belmont University and later earned his Orthopedic Certification Specialist (OCS). Prior to graduate school Keith was a collegiate baseball player and top-level high school cross country runner. Keith also had the opportunity to coach legion baseball and work as a sports personal trainer before pursuing his career in physical therapy. In 2008, Keith was a winner of the Olin Business Cup at Washington University for his product innovation “Medibite” a jaw rehabilitation system designed to improve the outcomes for individuals suffering TMJ dysfunction. Keith has focused his career on the evaluation, treatment, injury prevention, and sports conditioning strategies for athletes, with particular attention to youth sports. Keith is the expert writer for rehabilitation and injury prevention for, a website and organization dedicated educating sports parents and coaches. In 2012, Keith participated in a concussion education program in Newcastle, OK that resulted in the documentary “The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer” currently airing on PBS worldwide. Keith was also featured on Fox2News four times in 2013 for various topics, including ACL injury prevention and concussions in youth football. Keith has also been published in a variety of media, including, Advanced Magazine, and The 9s Magazine, as well as speaking events for the American Coaching Academy and the Eastern Missouri chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (MOATPA). Clinically, Keith works closely with a pediatric orthopedic group to provide the best advances in rehabilitation and injury prevention for young athletes, not only through evidenced based medicine but through effective communication and education to parents, coaches, and athletes.

Target Audience: Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants
Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate
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This course is presented in an online video format with audio lecture for each slide. Approximate length to take the course, including audio lecture, videos and all written material, is 3 hours.

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