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  • February 12, 2018


  1. Use a map app to plot your patients’ addresses. I use Multiplotter, so I can have a bird’s eye view of where I need to go for the week. This makes it easier to keep my driving distances low and my days less stressful. https://multiplottr.com/
  2. Give your patients a time window. I give my patients a 45 minute time window of when I will arrive. This way, if I hit a ton of traffic, my previous patient is talking my ear off, or God forbid a patient has a major medical issue I need to take care of, I won’t be considered “late” for my next patient.
  3. Pack lunch, water, and tons of snacks. If you’re like me, you eat constantly. I don’t want to have to worry about stopping for anything when I’m hungry or thirsty, so I pack a cooler of food, back up snacks, and a water jug for refills on water.
  4. Scope out the best restaurants for bathroom breaks: In Pittsburgh, I’ve found that the best places for restroom breaks are fast food restaurants (I frequent Micky D’s and Wendy’s) and Panera Bread. These places are big enough that they don’t notice or care if you sneak in to just use the bathroom. I try to purchase something every once in awhile to say a little thanks for the bathroom usage 😊
  5. Make treatments fun. In home health, most patients are very ill and deconditioned. It is easy to get caught up in giving the same exercises to patients. While this can be beneficial (pretty much everyone can benefit from some hip extension/abduction and bridges—everyone’s gluts are weak!), both you and your patients can benefit from making it fun! I love to dance with my patients(hello, glut activation), hitting a balloon for balance, and incorporating the patient’s interests into our sessions. When I evaluate a patient, I always ask what their goals are and what they used to like to do for fun, so I can keep them interested and motivated in our sessions.


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